PC And Internet Monitoring

SPECTOR 360 - Monitoring, Surveillance and Investigation Software

Comprehensive User Activity Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software

Monitor all employee activity across Windows, Mac, and BlackBerry devices

Spector 360 monitors employee computer usage to protect you from a variety of problems, including:

  • Data Theft

  • Data Loss

    Know when data is inappropriately copied to a USB drive or laptop that could be lost or stolen.

  • Data Corruption/Deletion

    Have proof and context when data is maliciously destroyed or altered.

  • Employee Fraud

  • Identity Theft

  • Productivity Loss

  • Inc. 500
  • Info Security Products Guide
  • Redmond Readers' Choice Award
  • Redmond Readers' Choice Award
  • SC Awards 2013

Take a Tour of SPECTOR 360

  • Monitor Activity Across Devices

    Stay up-to-date on all activity

    Every action, in detail

  • Never miss a thing

    Know what they’re really doing

  • We’re always watching…so you don’t have to

    Informed…without the effort

  • Dig into the details

    Activities in Context

    Not everyone needs to see everything

Why SPECTOR 360?

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  • The Top 5 Reasons organizations turn to SPECTOR 360 User Activity Monitoring:

    1. Track and enforce electronic Acceptable Use Policies
    2. Protect valuable Intellectual Property and trade secrets
    3. Identify security breaches and risks
    4. Monitor and audit compliance requirements
    5. Benchmark user productivity

    You can also use SPECTOR 360 to:

    • Recover lost communications such as email, chat, and IM
    • Assist Help Desk with computer recovery
    • Eliminate or minimize legal liability
    • Obtain data to support accusations of wrongdoing or provide proof of innocence
    • Eliminate or minimize security breaches
    • Detect the use of organization resources to conduct illegal or unethical activities

    Active or Focus Time: A Key Distinction

    Capture and Analysis in Detail

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    Keyword Alerts, Audit Trails, and Peace of Mind

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    Using SPECTOR 360's powerful Quick View reports, you will quickly find answers to questions such as:

    • How are users communicating with customers and each other?
    • Are employees or contractors visiting inappropriate or dangerous websites?
    • Which applications are used most? See this information detailed by Active Time, Total Time, and Focus Time
    • Who is accessing, transferring, and printing sensitive IP?
    • Who is ignoring Acceptable Use Policies by posting information to Facebook on organization time?
    • Who is leaking confidential information or valuable trade secrets ... accidentally or for personal gain?
    • Which users are disclosing information in violation of industry compliance rules and regulations?
    • Who is involved in antiquated, outdated, or inefficient work processes?
    • Which users are transferring data to removable media like USB drives, CDs, or DVDs?
    • What information is being messaged or emailed specifically from your BlackBerry devices?

    Plus ... Internet Filtering

    Capture, Analyze, and Act

    • Protect their assets and reduce insider theft
    • Improve efficiency and optimize productivity
    • Track and review activity around compliance and regulatory mandates

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